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Thank You Kohli

Being born in 1993, by the time I got to understanding cricket it was around 2001 2002. I was hooked to the game. I watched and played cricket all the time. I was obsessed. I played for hours and hours,... Continue Reading →


Mumbai, Surat and Dowry

A few days ago, a friend of mine who happens to be a Mumbaikar and I, a Surati were studying the map of Mumbai. No clue as to why and how we ended up doing it. We were marveling at... Continue Reading →

A Doctor’s Story

Last Thursday, I had the chance to visit old friends from school. Extremely talented and hard working folks who chose to take Biology and not opt for engineering. Three of them, close buddies. Done with their MBBS, preparing for their... Continue Reading →

We are Infinite

IITGN Essay Competition - The Context of the Essay It is the year 2035. IIT Gandhinagar has established itself as the leader of world education and has brought back the glory from the days of the great Nalanda and Taxila... Continue Reading →

The Other Side

Rahul Gandhi keeps talking about women empowerment. The media loves to say that the women of this nation are ill-treated. I keep reading reports on how Indian women need more power, more support and so on and on. I totally... Continue Reading →

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