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Guest Blog: Love Deserves A Second Chance

I remember the time when I was heartbroken. The 6 years of my relationship with her couldn't stand against the tide. I could see the pieces falling apart from a distance. Shortly in a couple of days, I had to... Continue Reading →


I am in a shitty place

I had read somewhere sometime: That one of the reasons that people are unhappy is because of social media. Because, everyone who makes a post is posting about being happy, about having fun, about being successful. Very rarely do people... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Have Your Heart Ripped Apart?

This is in continuation to my first post: Why You Should Fall in Love. If you haven’t read that, you might want to do that first. Now, that we are all on the same page, let’s begin. The love I... Continue Reading →

Why You Should Fall in Love?

Oh, that look! Not that look. Please don’t give me that look. I know you will say that love is a myth, it is just an act of hormones doing rounds here and there. All a creation of the mind.... Continue Reading →


October 2012. Amalthea was a success and I was super-confident of achieving anything and most certainly, I thought I could manage a couple of students. I, thus joined the PAL program (Peer Assisted Learning), with a hope of helping my... Continue Reading →

Remember Us

Remember us, not for what we did successfully or what we achieved, but for what we stood for and stand for. Remember us, not for being guinea pigs, but for being open and eager towards developing a new world-class curriculum.... Continue Reading →

The Last Chance

It’s New Year’s Eve and everybody is dancing and having a great time. I tried dancing, but I don’t feel like it tonight. I sit on the side steps and watch my friends enjoy. I can only think about one... Continue Reading →


You clear the JEE, miss out on a few marks, a few hundred ranks and your life is now set to turn upside down. For some reason, you choose IITGN or are forced to take IITGN, whatever the case be... Continue Reading →

League of Football Players – IITGN

The real world affects us big time, even if its football. LFP auctions were held for 2013 – 14 season on Friday with five teams in for the competition. Blitz FC, Club Galantos, Torrero FC, 8 Hooligans and Rebels United... Continue Reading →

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