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Articles in this category have been written for the Dainik Bhaskar Group, being published in 65 editions across 14 states in India. 300 words on current affair topics, primarily around technology and startups for a generic Indian audience.

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Crowdfunding: New Hope for Indian Sports?

In the movie ‘Chak De India’, coach Shahrukh Khan’s Indian women’s hockey team played against the men’s team to get their sponsorship. Entire nation was moved by this spirited fight. We sat up, took notice, cheered and felt proud of... Continue Reading →

The Ever Elusive Oscars for Indian Movies

The absence of Indian movies at the Oscars is a widely discussed and criticized aspect of Indian cinema. However, what adds perspective to this debate is the performance of Oscar winning movies in India.   La La Land, Moonlight, The... Continue Reading →

Guest Blog: Love Deserves A Second Chance

I remember the time when I was heartbroken. The 6 years of my relationship with her couldn't stand against the tide. I could see the pieces falling apart from a distance. Shortly in a couple of days, I had to... Continue Reading →

Thank You Kohli

Being born in 1993, by the time I got to understanding cricket it was around 2001 2002. I was hooked to the game. I watched and played cricket all the time. I was obsessed. I played for hours and hours,... Continue Reading →

Riding back from the future

In January, we saw two of the biggest tech conferences in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show and the Detroit Auto Show. While there are many things to talk about including the ever increasing scope of connected devices and homes... Continue Reading →

Generation Me wants Personalization, Customization

We are now in the age of the Millennials, the time when people born roughly between 1990 to 2000 come of age. India's population will be 64% youth soon and it is important to understand our psyche, especially for companies... Continue Reading →

North Korea is the real Bigg Boss

Have you ever wondered how the concept of the Indian reality show Bigg Boss came about to be? The answer is Big Brother, a concept first termed by George Orwell in his masterpiece book titled ‘1984’, where the state has... Continue Reading →

Job or No Job?

Grofers, a booming hyper local startup is making the news but for the wrong reasons. Last year, they had recruited several students from elite colleges across India, only to cancel the offer days before the joining. In retaliation, the students... Continue Reading →

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